Virtual Care Innovation by Canadian Internists
Now and Looking Forward

Virtual Care Innovation by Canadian Internists – Now and Looking Forward
January 20, 2021, 12:00-1:30pm Eastern Time

Overall Learning Objectives:

  • Summarize innovations in virtual care in Canada and apply lessons learned to one’s own practice.
  • Anticipate and mitigate challenges in implementing virtual care.
  • Discuss the future of virtual care.


They call us Innovators: Repurposing simple ideas in patient-centred ways to develop, deploy and continuously improve the virtual LHSC Urgent COVID-19 Care Clinic (LUC3) – Dr. Erin Spicer, LHSC University Hospital

Learning Objectives:

  • Plan for the flexibility and stakeholder engagement needed to facilitate timely responses to changing patient needs.
  • Employ quality improvement strategies to continuously measure and enhance patients’ experiences and outcomes.
  • Predict and mitigate challenges (funding, remuneration, staffing) in developing and deploying a virtual clinic.

Virtual Care in GIM: A “Rapid” Experience – Dr. Steven Wong, St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton

Learning Objectives:

  • Analyze workflow impact of virtual care on patient care.
  • Identify areas where virtual care can be integrated into a GIM practice.

The Complex Care Hub: A Canadian Hospital at Home program for Patients with Complex Medical Conditions and Vulnerable Older Adults – Dr. Michelle Grinman, University of Calgary

Learning Objectives:

  • Briefly describe the Complex Care Hub Program
  • Highlight the challenges and successes of implementing and maintaining the program

Dr. Michelle Grinman

Dr. Grinman is a Clinical Associate Professor, General Internal Medicine specialist and health services researcher at the University of Calgary. She has a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins University and a Quality Improvement certificate from the IDEAS program, based on Intermountain Health Curriculum.

She also currently serves as the Medical Lead for the Seniors, Palliative and Continuing Care portfolio in the Calgary Zone for the provincial regional health authority (Alberta Health Services (AHS)) and as the Medical Director for the Complex Care Hub Program in Calgary which is a Hospital at Home with intensive case management.

Throughout her career, Dr. Grinman has led various projects to improve access of vulnerable populations to healthcare services. This has ranged from humanitarian programs in South America, quality improvement / capacity-building programs for Toronto’s long-term care homes, and the creation of the Complex Care Hub program at two hospitals in Calgary. During the COVID-19 pandemic, she has also become one of the AHS leaders for bringing digital remote patient monitoring to the organization and in planning for the development of a provincial Virtual Hospital program.

Dr. Erin Spicer

Dr. Erin Spicer is an early career Clinician-Researcher having joined the division of General Internal Medicine at Western University (UWO) in July 2018. She holds the rank of Assistant Professor in the Department of Medicine and is an Associate Scientist within the Lawson Research Institute.

Dr. Spicer completed a Master’s degree in Biology from the University of Waterloo before attending the University of Toronto where she obtained her medical degree in 2013. She subsequently completed her Internal Medicine training, as well as her Fellowship in General Internal Medicine at UWO. In 2017-2018, she also completed a Master’s of Science degree specializing in Quality Improvement and Patient Safety from the Institute for Health Promotion, Management and Evaluation (IHPME) at the University of Toronto. Upon graduation, she was recruited to join the IHPME faculty and now also holds the rank of Assistant Professor at the University of Toronto.  Her research interests centre around perioperative and inpatient safety, as well as iatrogenic causes of post-hospital frailty. She is a co-lead for the LHSC Urgent COVID-19 Care Clinic (LUC3).

Dr. Steven Wong

Dr. Steven Wong is a FRCPC General Internal Medicine specialist at McMaster University engaged in medical education at large, with a specific focus in Health Informatics and Clinical Informatics.

Dr. Wong has experience with various informatics projects from implementation of an institution-wide electronic health record, virtual care, and eConsultation tools in GIM.

His research interests include algorithmic data extraction, analysis, and data-informed healthcare as part of a Learning Health System.