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Multiple cranial neuropathies caused by an unusual case of hypertrophic pachymeningitis

Dr. Homa Anvari, Queen’s University

A Rare Cause of Elevated Creatine Kinase

Dr. Rania Bedaba, University of Alberta

A fleeting rash and a lasting fever

Dr. Mei-Ni Belzile, University of Toronto

The plot thickens

Dr. Mei-Ni Belzile, University of Toronto

A Woman Presenting with Hirsutism

Dr. Tanisha Birk, Northern Ontario School of Medicine

Avoiding the Pitfalls of Bias: A Unique Case of Acute Abdomen

Dr. Tiffany Burger, University of Toronto

Weak, dyspneic and jaundiced: The clot thickens

Dr. Kevin Chin Koon Siw, University of Ottawa

Scratch that! A feverish search for a unifying diagnosis

Dr. Emilie Deschner, Western University

An Eosinophilic Quandary

Dr. Olena (Helen) Genis, University of Toronto

A Curious Case of Ptosis

Dr. Shaan Gupta, McMaster University

Lost in translation: an unusual case of pancytopenia

Miss Alexandra Hillyer, Western University

A case of pancytopenia and constitutional symptoms

Dr. Tuan Hoang, University of Toronto

An Unusual Cause of Headache and Diplopia

Dr. Yong Gyu (Frank) Hyun, University of Toronto

A coagulation conundrum: Investigation and workup for a persistently elevated INR

Dr. Mohammad Jay, McMaster University

A Perplexing Case of Flashes and Floaters

Dr. Maria Lambadaris, University of Toronto

The Impact of Limited English Proficiency on The Accurate Diagnosis of Painless Jaundice During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Dr. Avinash Pandey, University of Ottawa

A Bloody Debacle

Dr. Neha Puri, University of Toronto

Dyspnea in a pregnant patient: a rare diagnosis for a common symptom

Dr. Angelo Rizzolo, McGill University

A rare cause of thrombocytopenia

Dr. Ambika Tejpal, University of Toronto

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