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Whippet, Whippet Good

Dr. Emily Bartsch, University of Toronto

How Intelligent!

Dr. Leora Branfield Day, University of Toronto

Just a Normal Case of Nausea/Vomiting, Malaise and Overactive Hiccups?

Dr. Ka Hong (Casey) Chan, University of British Columbia

Fever in a 23 year old female

Dr. Ryan Chan, University of Ottawa

Scratching the Surface – Uncovering the cause of an erythematous rash

Dr. Stephanie Chan, Queen’s University

A Diagnosis Never Too Premature to Consider

Dr. Maya Deeb, University of Toronto

A Rare Etiology of Chronic Intestinal Pseudo-Obstruction

Dr. Mitchell Edwards, Queen’s University

Unintended Consequences of Putting Your Best Face Forward

Dr. Mitchell Elliott, University of Toronto

A Mysterious Case of Rash, Polyarthralgias, and Bacteremia

Dr. Robin Hao, University of Alberta

A Surprilysis Case of Weight Loss

Dr. Yuchen Li, University of Toronto

When urine gives you clarity: A case of undifferentiated hypokalemia

Dr. Haonan Mi, Queen’s University

A mimic of systemic vasculitis.

Dr. Fiona Milne, Queen’s University

Dyspnea and Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Anton Moshynskyy, University of Saskatchewan

Hard To Swallow: A Curious Case of Dysphagia

Mr. Mehras Motamed, Queen’s University

An Unusual Case of Elevated CSF Protein

Dr. Marie-Noël Nguyen, University of Montreal

Second Order Effects of COVID 19 Complicating Pancreatitis in Pregnancy

Dr. Ilia Ostrovski, McMaster University

Acute life threatening cardiovascular illness complicated by an acute cardiovascular event

Ms. Zoe Phillips, University of Saskatchewan

A tough case to swallow

Dr. Sarah Ryan, Queen’s University

An Unusual Cause of Hypoxic Respiratory Failure in a Young Male Patient

Dr. Jordan Sugarman, University of Calgary

A Stimulating Case of Multi-Organ Injury in a 52-year-old man

Dr. Adam Suleman, University of Toronto

The Dog with no Bite

Dr. Brandon Tang, University of British Columbia

Pancreatitis and systemic disease: keeping a broad differential

Dr. Jessie Tao, University of Toronto

Not your Average Bursitis

Dr. Ambika Tejpal, University of Toronto

A rare cause of persistent hypoglycaemia and exploring a novel treatment strategy

Dr. Jeffery Tong, University of British Columbia

Fever and pancytopenia in a gentleman with cutaneous lupus and Antiphospholipid Antibody (APLA) Syndrome

Dr. Carly Visentin, University of Ottawa

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