Be active in the CSIM!


The CSIM is a society of volunteers and encourages members to become actively involved in its committees:

  • Research/QI Committee
    The Research and Quality Improvement Committee provides leadership within the CSIM for a culture and environment that is supportive of research and quality improvement for academic and clinical internists, trainees and potential trainees in general internal medicine.


  • Choosing Wisely Sub-Committee
    Choosing Wisely Canada (CWC) is a campaign that facilitates dialogue between physicians and patients in order to avoid procedures that are unnecessary and can even cause harm. Following the successful release of the CSIM list of top 5 recommendations, efforts are now underway to develop implementation strategies, as well as standardized measures to demonstrate an effect on select patient outcomes.


  • Education Committee
    The Education Committee advises and recommends to Council on all matters related to the continuing professional development of physicians engaged in the practice of IM/GIM, and influences through educational initiatives, the standard of care of physicians engaged in the practice of IM/GIM.


  • Membership Committee
    The Membership Committee devises, executes, and monitors a membership plan to sustain and augment membership in the CSIM.


  • Health Promotion Committee
    The CSIM Health Promotion Committee is the official body within the CSIM that addresses issues related to health promotion.


  • CJGIM Peer Reviewer
    The purpose of the review process is to benefit from the reviewers’ knowledge and experience, to gain the reviewers’ critical assessment of the article, and to provide concrete feedback to the contributors of the Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine (CJGIM).

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