Health Promotion

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Mission Statement

The CSIM Health Promotion Committee promotes knowledge, culture, skills, and the practice of Health Promotion by physicians, patients, communities, and health care systems.

Committee Members

Dr. Bert Govig, Vice President of the Health Promotion Committee
Dr. Arielle Berger
Dr. Thomas Brothers
Dr. Donald Echenberg
Dr. Laura Megin Fong
Dr. Neil Gibson
Dr. Cheryl Goldstein
Dr. Amy Hendricks
Dr. Stephen Hwang
Dr. Gurpreet Jaswal
Dr. Emily Jones
Dr. Nadine Lahoud
Dr. Stephanie Landry
Dr. Mary Malebranche
Dr. Hélène Marchand
Dr. Hassan Mir
Dr. Romina Pace
Dr. Shannon Ruzycki

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Health Promotion Articles

Reduced prevalence of small-for-gestational-age and preterm birth for women of low socioeconomic position: a population-based cohort study comparing antenatal midwifery and physician models of care

Poor women who use midwives have healthier babies

Donate to the Hui Lee Fund

The fund was created to promote research and actions in health promotion among General Internal Medicine trainees and physicians, and to honour and remember the life of Dr. Hui Lee, an active and cherished member of the CSIM. Donate by clicking here:


The CSIM is a society of volunteers and encourages members to become actively involved in its committees. If you are interested in joining the CSIM Health Promotion Committee, please contact

The Hui Lee Health Promotion Scholarship

To promote excellence in health promotion among General Internal Medicine residents and physicians, and to honour and remember the life of Dr. Hui Lee, an active and cherished member of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine. The 2018 prize amount is $1,500.

Terms of reference and how to apply. Application deadline: June 27, 2018 (CLOSED)

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Be part of this exciting Society by completing an application form!

Benefits include:
  • Continuing Professional Development
  • Receive the Canadian Journal of General Internal Medicine (CJGIM)
  • Support of Residents/Students
  • Advocacy
  • Liaisons With Other GIM Societies
  • Established awards to recognize, support, and acknowledge general internists, residents and medical students.


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