CSIM Virtual Annual Meeting

October 14-16, 2021



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Program subject to change. All times are in Eastern Time.

Wednesday, October 6, 2021



12:00-1:00pm ET – TOP FIVE PAPERS – Dr. Anthony Battad, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba
  • Identify and summarize the findings of five papers published in 2021 that are highly relevant to internists and general internists in Canada.
  • Review the strengths and limitations of the papers using the principles of evidence-based medicine.
  • Recognize the implications of these papers for one’s own clinical practice.
1:15-2:15pm ET – TREATING HEART FAILURE IN 2022 – Dr. Margot Davis, Vancouver, BC
  • Apply the new Canadian Cardiovascular Society heart failure guidelines.
  • Incorporate novel medications for treatment of heart failure in clinical practice.
  • Understand the role of atrial fibrillation rate and rhythm control in patients with heart failure.
2:45-3:45pm ET – OBESITY AND BARIATRIC MEDICINE Dr. Ali Zentner, Vancouver, BC
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology of obesity and how it fits into a true disease model.
  • Identify barriers to the care of patients with obesity, specifically, the dangers of weight bias in medicine.
  • Discuss evidence-based treatment options for patients with obesity, both medical and surgical.
  • Establish an approach to discussing weight in one’s office
4:00-5:00pm ET – SHORT SNAPPERS

1. Diabetes Update  Dr. Alice Cheng, Toronto, ON

  • Review therapeutic options in the management of diabetes including updated recommendation for glucose monitoring.
  • Outline updates in guideline-based prevention and treatment strategies for cardiorenal disease in patients with diabetes.

2. Advances in Lipid Management – Dr. Glen Pearson, Edmonton, AB

  • Apply the updated Canadian Cardiovascular Society Guidelines for the management of dyslipidemia for the prevention of cardiovascular disease in adults.
  • Review new lipid lowering agents and appropriate use in patients needing additional LDL lowering.


12:00-1:00pm ET – CSIM/ROYAL COLLEGE OSLER LECTURE: An Anchor, a Compass, and a Guiding Light – Dr. Amy Hendricks, Antigonish, NS
  • Articulate an ethic of service specific to one’s own context, informed by the principle of equity and the lessons of the pandemic.
  • Identify factors that promote or threaten generalism and positive medical culture – at national, provincial and departmental levels.
  • Recognize and cultivate opportunities for gentleness, curiosity and joy in one’s own practice setting.
1:15-2:15pm ET – HYPERTENSION UPDATE – Dr. Raj Padwal, Edmonton, AB
  • Define clear blood pressure targets for a given patient population.
  • Identify and manage resistant hypertension.
  • Recognise when and how to investigate for secondary hypertension.
2:45-3:45pm ET – PRESURGICAL SCREENING UPDATE AND PERIOPERATIVE CARE – Dr. Maura Marcucci, McMaster University, Hamilton, ON
  • Apply preoperative risk stratification guidelines to patients who are complex and have multi-system needs, including frailty and cognitive impairment.
  • Utilize testing resources appropriately in the preoperative and perioperative setting.
  • Communicate perioperative risks to patients, families and surgical colleagues in a helpful and nuanced manner, particularly when the benefit of surgery may be outweighed by risks.
  • Discuss strategies to minimize and manage postoperative morbidity in hospitalized patients.
4:00-5:00pm ET – SHORT SNAPPERS

1. COVID-19 Vaccination – Dr. Megan Devlin, London, ON

  • Better understand the type of vaccines available and have real world data on their efficacy.
  • Understand common vaccine side effects and their frequency.
  • Advise on vaccination in pregnancy.
  • Appreciated the usefulness of a third (booster) dose in special patient groups and the population at large.

2. COVID-19 Disease and Treatment – Dr. Lisa Barrett, Halifax, NS

  • Apply emerging evidence to the management of patients with moderate/severe COVID-19.
  • Identify special considerations about management of COVID-19 in pregnant patients.



Join us at the Ted Giles Clinical Vignettes competition as trainees present unusual clinical cases.

  • Describe unusual presentations of common diseases and common presentations of rare diseases.
  • Become familiar with the characteristics of engaging and educational case presentations.
  1. Quite the Pred-icament: A Curious Case of Sinus TachycardiaDr. Emilie Deschner, Western University
  2. Crisis avertedDr. Samik Doshi, University of Toronto
  3. Hidden in Plain Sight Dr. Anukul Ghimire, University of Alberta
  4. Snap! Crack(le)! Pop! A Case of the Weak Fragile BonesDr. Brian Kim, University of British Columbia
  5. A Mysterious Case of Persistent Ascites Dr. Zahra Merali, Western University
  6. Profound Lactic Acidosis: When the Differential Has A Gap Dr. Laurence Poirier-Blanchette, McGill University
  7. An Unusual Case of Non-traumatic Retroperitoneal Hemorrhage Dr. Arifuddin Saad Mohammed, Queen’s University
  8. A Message In The Marrow: An Elusive Case of BicytopeniaDr. Clarissa Skorupski, University of Toronto
  9. Transverse Myelitis and Hypoxia in a Middle-aged Woman – Dr. Kathryn Sullivan, University of Ottawa
  10. Subacute Headaches in a Double-lung Transplant Recipient Dr. Alison Sumner, Queen’s University

Select sessions may be recorded and available for viewing after the Meeting. Please note that any available session recordings will not be eligible for MOC accreditation.