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Kenora All Nations Health Partners

About Kenora All Nations Health Partners

The All Nations Health Partners is a coalition of leaders in Indigenous and mainstream health services in the Kenora Region. The partnership is working to improve the health system to focus on people first and better serve the unique needs of our Northern communities, guided by the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. The approach is collaborative and holistic, rooted in both traditional healing practices and the best aspects of the modern health system. The All Nations Health Partners are in the process of building an innovative healthcare delivery system and All Nations Hospital to provide traditional and western medicine in tandem as part of our campus design.

Lake of the Woods District Hospital is proudly one of the fifteen local organizations making up the All Nations Health Partners. The 66-bed full-service accredited teaching hospital meets the immediate healthcare needs of residents of the City of Kenora, as well as a large surrounding area, including eleven First Nations Communities. In recognition of the First Nations communities that it serves, the hospital is committed to ensuring that traditional native healing and culture are part of a patient’s health care plan, including a unique Native Healer Program that recognizes the spiritual component of aboriginal health care. Our goal is to provide high quality patient care within the limits of our resources.

Lake of the Woods District Hospital is the largest hospital in the Northwest region outside of Thunder Bay. The hospital’s core programs include emergency and ambulatory care, chronic care, mental health, maternal and child health, and acute care services which include general medicine, intensive care and surgical services. It also manages a broad range of services including dialysis, chemotherapy, diagnostic imaging, mammography, ultrasound, addiction counseling and detox, a sexual assault centre, physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, ambulance (both land and dedicated air), palliative care and various education programs. We host Medical Residents and third-year Medical students as well as students in nursing, rehab, laboratory and other professions.

If you are interested in joining us in building a ground-breaking healthcare system and All Nations Hospital to expand local services and provide more care closer to home then Kenora may be the right fit for you!