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Health Promotion

The CSIM recognizes the importance of physician wellness and one of our goals is to promote the health and well-being of Canadian patients, their communities, and their health care systems. The CSIM Health Promotion Committee oversees the Society’s health promotion...

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The Relationship Between IM and GIM

For those CSIM members following my messages in the monthly e-newsletter, we had begun examining the relationship between IM and GIM programs and graduates to see if their are measurable differences in careers. I reached out to the CSIM membership for feedback on the...

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CSIM Medical Education Award

On behalf of the Canadian Society of Internal Medicine, I am delighted to announce the launch of the new CSIM Medical Education Award! I know a great many of you are doing outstanding work in medical education, and we want to recognize this. CSIM Full Members and...

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CMA Regional Member Forums

The holiday season is rapidly upon us, and I hope that you all will be able to spend time with family and get some down time. I recently engaged in discussions with the CMA as they are seeking more input from affiliate associations with respect to national issues....

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Royal College’s Competence by Design

Want more information about the Royal College’s Competence by Design initiative? Check out the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons website:   Watch the Competence by Design You Tube Video:...

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Les dernières nouvelles de MIG pour le printemps 2014

Un grand merci à Ben Chen de nous avoir inspirés de communiquer par le biais des médias sociaux tels que ce blogue! MIG continue à prospérer. Huit programmes de MIG ont déjà obtenu l’agrément du Collège royal des médecins et des chirurgiens du Canada (CRMCC). Il y en...

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GIM Update for Spring 2014

Many thanks to Ben Chen for inspiring us to communicate through Social Media such as this blog! GIM is continuing to thrive. 8 GIM programs have achieved full accreditation by the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons of Canada. 6 more are in the process of review...

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