For those CSIM members following my messages in the monthly e-newsletter, we had begun examining the relationship between IM and GIM programs and graduates to see if their are measurable differences in careers.

I reached out to the CSIM membership for feedback on the two questions below with the goal of bringing forward a plan to be proactive in helping shape the future landscape of IM/GIM in Canada..

  1. Are there perceived or real differences in employment opportunities for R4 Internal Medicine graduates versus GIM (R5) graduates? How should CSIM deal with this issue? Are there any potential solutions to prevent a schism going forward within the Society?
  2. What role should CSIM and Internal Medicine play in the development of Hospital Medicine and Hospitalists as a distinct entity within the country?

We will be looking into what capacity there may be to increased GIM positions with a view to allow more access, and I will keep you updated as these talks progress.

In the meantime, I continue to welcome feedback on this matter. Please send your thoughts to

Dr. Neil E. Gibson
CSIM President