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New Investigator Award

2020Dr. Natalie Dayan
Women’s Heart Health: Marrying Research with Clinical Work without Missing a Beat
2019Dr. Fahad Razak
Five JAMA Papers
2018Dr. Liam Brunham
Premature Cardiovascular Disease in Canada: Screening and Treatment
2017Dr. Emily Gibson McDonald
Too Much Medicine and Venous Thromboembolic Disease: How Can We Make Things Well Again?

Dr. David Sackett Senior Investigator Award

2020Dr. Chaim Bell
The Times they are a-Changin’ – What the World Needs Now is GIM, Sweet GIM
2019Dr. Joel Ray
Efficiency in Health Research – Time for a Haircut from the Barber-Surgeon
2018Dr. David Juurlink
“It’s Only a Case Report” and Related Nonsense
2017Dr. James Douketis
Clinical Research in 2017: Why it Still Matters

Hui Lee Health Promotion Scholarship

2020Dr. Clara Lu
2019Dr. Arielle Berger
2018Dr. Thomas Brothers
2017Dr. Romina Pace

Osler Awards

2020Dr. David Lawson
Dr. Luc Lanthier
2019Dr. Nadine Lahoud
2018Dr. Irene Ma
Dr. Steven Shadowitz
2017Dr. Narmin Kassam
Dr. Shanil Narayan

Research - Oral Session

20191st - Dr. Barbora Sporinova, University of Alberta
2nd - Dr. Michael Colacci, University of Toronto
3rd - Dr. Kevin John Um, McMaster University
20181st - Dr. Kieran Quinn
2nd - Dr. André Maddison
3rd - Ms. Kim Moore
20171st - Dr. Nicola Goldberg
2nd - Dr. Robert Puckrin
3rd - Dr. Zahra Sohani
20161st - Dr. Lauren Lapointe-Shaw
2nd - Dr. Graham Duff
3rd - Dr. Darya Yermak

Research - Poster Session

20191st - Dr. Michael Ruiz, University of Toronto
2nd - Dr. Michael Colacci, University of Toronto
3rd - Dr. Tanya Girard, McGill University
20181st - Dr. Leora Branfield Day
2nd - Dr. Michael Wang
3rd - Dr. Stefana Pancic
20171st - Dr. Marissa Laureano
2nd - Dr. Roy Khalifé
3rd - Ms. Sarah Malecki
20161st - Dr. Hassan Mir
2nd - Dr. Ramy Saleh
3rd - Dr. Janeve Desy

Ted Giles Clinical Vignettes

20191st - Dr. Ran Cheng, Université de Montréal
2nd - Dr. Xiaoshuang Kou, McGill University
3rd - Dr. Amanda Hempel, University of Toronto
20181st - Dr. Jason Bau
2nd - Dr. Ryan Luther
3rd - Ms. Jessie Peng
20171st - Dr. Steven Palanchuk, Université de Sherbrooke
2nd - Dr. Karen Geukers, McMaster University
3rd - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki, University of Calgary
20161st - Dr. Gavin Mazzetti
2nd - Dr. Jonathan Zipursky
3rd - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki

Quality Improvement - Oral Session

2019Ms. Christina Ma, McMaster University
2018Mr. Cheuk Hei (Keith) Tam
2017Dr. Stephanie Gottheil
2016Dr. Michael Fralick

Quality Improvement - Poster Session

20191st - Dr. Fatima Pirani, University of Calgary
2nd - Dr. Steven Burgoyne, University of Calgary
3rd - Dr. Si Tian, University of Saskatchewan
20181st Dr. Aliza Moledina
2nd (tie) Dr. Rachel Fainstein
2nd (tie) Mr. Sayed Mustafa Turabi
3rd Dr. Adrien Harvey
20171st - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
2nd - Dr. Jane Kobylianski
3rd - Dr. Erin Spicer
20161st - Dr. Stephanie Gotthiel
2nd - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
3rd - Dr. Monica St-Amant

The Dr. Mahesh Raju Award for Mentorship

2020Dr. Chris Green
Dr. Brian Moses
2019Dr. Jessica Klassen
Dr. Ian MacPherson
2018Dr. Eric Grant
Dr. Stephen Walsh

Education and Research Fund

2020Dr. Arnav Agarwal
Dr. Samantha Halman
2019Dr. Anshula Ambasta
Dr. Marnie Wilson
2018Dr. Michele Dearden
Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
2017Dr. Janeve Desy

CSIM Medical Education Award

2020Dr. Vijay Daniels
2019Dr. Allen Tran

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