CSIM Mission, Vision and Values

Mission Statement

The CSIM is a non-profit professional society that promotes the health and well-being of Canadian patients, their communities, and their health care systems. We seek to foster leadership and excellence in the practice of General Internal Medicine (GIM) through research, education, and advocacy for health promotion and disease management.


We believe that General Internal Medicine in Canada plays a central role in the training of current and future clinicians, in clinical research, in patient care, in health promotion, and in health advocacy; and that it unites a body of knowledge, values, and principles of care that lay the foundation for excellence in the Canadian health care system.


We embrace the ethical and professional standards that are common to all healing professions, as well as the specific values of generalism, teamwork, competency-based training, life-long learning, evidence-based medicine, holism, and humane, patient-centered care.

2015 CSIM Annual Meeting »

Delta PEI
Charlottetown, PEI
October 14-17, 2015

2015 CSIM Annual Meeting »

Westin Montreal
Montreal, QC
October 26-29, 2016

2015 CSIM Annual Meeting »

Hyatt Toronto
Toronto, ON
November 1-4, 2017