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New Investigator Award

2017Dr. Emily Gibson McDonald
Too Much Medicine and Venous Thromboembolic Disease: How Can We Make Things Well Again?
2016Dr. Kara Nerenberg
How to get from A to B to CVD: Building a women’s heart health research program
2015Dr. Todd Lee
The Internist as the Quarterback of High‐Value Healthcare
2014Dr. Brian Wong
The Quest for Sustainable Quality Improvement Training in GIM

Dr. David Sackett Senior Investigator Award

2017Dr. James Douketis
Clinical Research in 2017: Why it Still Matters
2016Dr. Susan Kahn
What I Learned in Business School: Entrepreneurship as a model for a research career in GIM
2015Dr. Stephen Hwang
The Beauty and Boundaries of Research
2014Dr. Louise Pilote
Thinking Outside the Triangle

Hui Lee Health Promotion Scholarship

2017Dr. Romina Pace
2016Drs. Christian Kraeker and Tim O’Shea
2015Dr. Gurpreet Jaswal
2014Dr. Hassan Mir

Osler Awards

2017Dr. Narmin Kassam
Dr. Shanil Narayan
2016Dr. Jeffrey Wiseman
Dr. Bert Govig
2012Dr. William Coke
Dr. Rene Roux
2013Dr. Sharon Card
Dr. James Kitchens

Research - Oral Session

20171st - Dr. Nicola Goldberg, University of Toronto
2nd - Dr. Robert Puckrin, University of Toronto
3rd - Dr. Zahra Sohani, University of Toronto
20161st - Dr. Lauren Lapointe-Shaw
2nd - Dr. Graham Duff
3rd - Dr. Darya Yermak
20151st place – Michael Fralick
2nd place – Penny Yin
3rd place – Lauren Lapointe-Shaw
20141st place – Michael Fralick
2nd place – Kate Colizza
3rd place – Gloria Roldan Urgoiti

Research - Poster Session

20171st - Dr. Marissa Laureano, McMaster University
2nd - Dr. Roy Khalifé, University of Ottawa
3rd - Ms. Sarah Malecki, University of Toronto
20161st - Dr. Hassan Mir
2nd - Dr. Ramy Saleh
3rd - Dr. Janeve Desy
20151st place – Christopher Yarnell
2nd place – Michael Fralick
3rd place – Theophile Theriault
20141st - Justin Chun
2nd - Mathieu Raymond
3rd - Jillian Alston

Ted Giles Clinical Vignettes

20171st - Dr. Steven Palanchuk, Université de Sherbrooke
2nd - Dr. Karen Geukers, McMaster University
3rd - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki, University of Calgary
20161st - Dr. Gavin Mazzetti
2nd - Dr. Jonathan Zipursky
3rd - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
20151st place – Peter Wu
2nd place – Vincent Larouche
3rd place (tie) – Adam Mazzetti
3rd place (tie) – Erin Spicer
20141st place - Erin Spicer
2nd place - Timothy Chan
3rd place - Amy Trottier

Quality Improvement - Oral Session

2017Dr. Stephanie Gottheil, Western University
2016Dr. Michael Fralick
2015Andrea Blotsky
2014Ramy Saleh

Quality Improvement - Poster Session

20171st - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki, University of Calgary
2nd - Dr. Jane Kobylianski, University of Toronto
3rd - Dr. Erin Spicer, Western University
20161st - Dr. Stephanie Gotthiel
2nd - Dr. Shannon Ruzycki
3rd - Dr. Monica St-Amant
20151st place – Kate Colizza
2nd place – Maude Phaneuf
3rd place (tie) – Shaan Chugh
3rd place (tie) – Josée Sylvain
20141st - Johnston Hoang
2nd - Emily McDonald
3rd - Kathryn McIntyre

The Dr. Mahesh Raju Award for Resident Mentorship

2016Dr. Allen Tran
2015Dr. Joffre Munro

Education and Research Fund/a>

2017Dr. Janeve Desy
2016Dr. Karen Tran
2015Dr. Rahul Mehta
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